2 noun
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dump2 [countable]


a place where unwanted waste is taken and left
rubbish dump British English /garbage dump American English
The fire probably started in a rubbish dump.
Put the rest into a sack to take to the dump.
an underground nuclear waste dump
a dump site


PM a place where military supplies are stored, or the supplies themselves:
There has been a series of explosions in an ammunition dump.

unpleasant place

informal a place that is unpleasant to live in because it is dirty, ugly, untidy etc:
' What a dump,' she added as they entered the village.
Why are you living in a dump like this?

down in the dumps

informal very sad and without much interest in life:
She's feeling a bit down in the dumps.


TD technical the act of copying the information stored in a computer's memory onto something else, such as a disk:
a screen dump

take a dump

informal not polite to pass solid waste from the bowels

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