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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdumpydump‧y /ˈdʌmpi/ adjective  FATsomeone who is dumpy is fat, short, and unattractive a dumpy little mansee thesaurus at short
Examples from the Corpus
dumpyI think this skirt makes me look dumpy.George had a wife, Martha, who was dumpy and plain.The little dumpy girl was one of two serving.In his youth, William had been a dumpy little boy who ate too many sweets.Now it was just a dumpy little building.At Champney Crucis Kate directed the driver up a lane beside the dumpy little church.Kitty, her heroine, is dumpy, spotty, pallid and downtrodden.She was a small, dumpy woman, nothing like her only child in either looks or personality.Clara was a plain, dumpy woman, several years older than her husband.
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