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dungeondun‧geon /ˈdʌndʒən/ noun [countable]  SCJa dark underground prison, especially under a castle, that was used in the past
Examples from the Corpus
dungeonGwen will be thinking I've been put in a dungeon.It was like coming up out of a dungeon, Sandi decided.Travellers stripped of their possessions and disappearing into castle dungeons, never to be heard of again.Multi-player dungeons contain not only people but also bots-non-human programs that imitate people.Adelaide refused and was thrown in the dungeon of a castle on Lake Garda.A narrow stairwell wound like a corkscrew into the dungeons of the castle.The door to the dungeon in which I had been living for a year was open.Some nights he was dragged into a dark underground dungeon, where he would spend the night on the cold dirt floor.
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