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duplexdu‧plex /ˈdjuːpleks $ ˈduː-/ noun [countable] American English  duplex.jpg DHTBa type of house that is divided into two parts, so that it has two separate homes in it
Examples from the Corpus
duplexT m measurements were made using total single strand concentrations of 18 and 8µM for duplexes 1 and 4 respectively.The other thing that we did was check the bypass because that is really what you should use for duplex.Many of these cards also include 3D, surround sound and full duplex features.This is called full duplex operation.Two years ago, once-stagnant rents started to skyrocket, and the value of his duplex increased dramatically.Non-radioactive oligonucleotide duplexes were prepared the same way by mixing 2 pmol each of the complementary strands.She knew a couple of friends elsewhere who lived together under the pretense of sharing an apartment or duplex.As I stood at the lower landing of this duplex.
From Longman Business Dictionaryduplexdu‧plex /ˈdjuːpleksˈduː-/ noun [countable] American English1PROPERTY a house divided into two homes2COMPUTING when information is sent along a wire in both directions at onceUsers of videoconferencing need a good sound card with full duplex sound capabilities.
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