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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdustbindust‧bin /ˈdʌstbɪn/ noun [countable]  dust_bin.jpg DHC British English a large container outside your house, used for holding waste until it is taken away syn garbage can American English
Examples from the Corpus
dustbinDustbin derby: Schools throughout Langbaurgh are competing for Telethon's dustbin derby by collecting plastic bags for recycling.Only this time, it was found rolling around in a dustbin.Was lying beside dustbins and boxes of waste paper, just inside the locked gates to the yard.Have you any notion what people put in dustbins?It was a black plastic dustbin bag.Next morning the din from the dustbin lids had hardly subsided when the grim realization drove into my brain.Old Ape rooted in the dustbins outside Phyl's Phries.He found the letter of introduction to Monsieur Messidor and tossed it into the dustbin.
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