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dusterdust‧er /ˈdʌstə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 duster.jpg DHCa cloth for removing dust from furniture2 American English old-fashionedDHCDCC a light coat that you wear to protect your clothes while you are cleaning the house3 HEMDN American English informal a dust storm
Examples from the Corpus
dusterI did not so much as flick a duster around the papers.She was in a housedress and held a duster in her hand.The assassin was cramped in a narrow space above the housemaids' cupboard full of brooms and dusters.He wore a canvas duster over his overalls that came down to his ankles.Shake the bottle well, apply with a clean cloth and polish with a soft duster.Continue rubbing until the surface feels dry and then polish vigorously with a clean soft duster.Miss Harker flapped the duster angrily.
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