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dustmandust‧man /ˈdʌstmən/ noun (plural dustmen /-mən/) [countable]  DHCBO British English someone whose job is to remove waste from dustbins syn garbage collector American English
Examples from the Corpus
dustmanHe was found unconscious on the pavement by a dustman, who called for an ambulance.Mum was a char, dad a dustman.You can be the Prime Minister or a dustman and it's still the most important thing in the world.Recently he was talking about becoming a club pro, or a dustman.A dustman who found the body early this morning called an ambulance.It is that time of year when dawn and dustmen arrive together.You get all sorts in here, from dustmen to middle-management.It was followed by a rash of local selective strikes by health-service workers, dustmen, even the grave-diggers of Liverpool.
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