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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdutifuldu‧ti‧ful /ˈdjuːtɪfəl $ ˈduː-/ adjective  OBEYdoing what you are expected to do and behaving in a loyal and obedient way a dutiful son Dutiful applause greeted his speech.
Examples from the Corpus
dutifulMiss Fergusson, however, remained her dutiful and efficient self.It is Ego which drives us to be dutiful and fulfil false obligations.Two pairs of hands were missing from the dutiful applause that greeted his speech.His wife, dutiful as ever, did as he bade.The authoritarian parent or dutiful child attitudes that so often characterized these relationships in previous generations are thankfully on the way out.Otherwise, it was life as usual, and I was being a dutiful daughter and a good sister.All my life I have been an obedient, dutiful daughter.Tom Campbell has been a loyal and dutiful employee of this firm for 25 years.But the dutiful reader will emerge with an impressively thorough account.She rejected the traditional female roles of docile daughter and dutiful wife.
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