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duty-freeˌduty-ˈfree1 adjective  PETduty-free goods can be brought into a country without paying tax on them duty-free cigarettes the duty-free shopduty-free adverb
Examples from the Corpus
duty-freeWe pick up some cigars and duty-free liquor, then wander through the open-air marketplace.With the exception of brands like Janneau and Sempé, armagnac is rarely seen in duty-free lounges or glitzy cocktail bars.Dennis and the others were propping up the bar, Karen was supposedly selecting duty-free perfume.In-flight magazine, duty-free price list, safety instruction cards.He also abolished duty-free shops, a move expected to earn the government K150,000,000 annually.Following an agreement with the St Lucian government, electronic equipment and chandlery have been granted duty-free status.
Related topics: Tax
duty-freeduty-free2 noun [countable, uncountable]  PETalcohol, cigarettes etc that you can bring into a country without having to pay tax on them
From Longman Business Dictionaryduty-freeˌduty-ˈfree adjectiveTAX duty-free goods can be bought without paying tax on them, for example at ports and airports when you are travelling abroadThe drop in air traffic is expected to cut into duty-free perfume sales.the airport’s duty-free shopduty-free adverbAlthough the US had many high tariff rates in 1900, some 60% of imports came in duty-free.
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