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duvetdu‧vet /ˈduːveɪ, ˈdjuː- $ duːˈveɪ/ ●●○ noun [countable] especially British English  DHa large cloth bag filled with feathers or similar material that you use to cover yourself in bed syn comforter American English
Examples from the Corpus
duvetJosie disappeared for a couple of minutes and then reappeared with some pillows and a duvet.To further pleas from Toby not to touch him I raced upstairs, grabbed a duvet and put it round him.Boardman is shown wearing a duvet with the logo in one of the expedition photographs.Can you imagine the luxury of a cashmere duvet cover?Natural filled duvets are more expensive and those filled with duck down, are considered the ultimate in luxury duvets.She still had her clothes on but was covered by a grey duvet.You can purchase two kinds of duvet, polyester filled or natural.Lightweight and fluffy, the duvet is ideal for summer use.
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