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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdyingdy‧ing1 /ˈdaɪ-ɪŋ/  x-refthe present participle of diedyingdying2 adjective  1 dying moment/minutes/seconds2 [only before noun] happening just before someone dies It was her dying wish to have a simple burial.3 to your dying day4 [only before noun] gradually decreasing until soon there will be none left Women who enjoy baking are a dying breed.5 the dying
Examples from the Corpus
dyingThe bucket seethed with dying fish.Even as she lay dying in a hospital bed, she was still thinking of her children.He gave the dying man a drop of water from his flask.Magee ignored the crimson puddles and knelt beside the dying man again, this time rolling him over on to his back.The priest was killed as he was giving the last rites to a dying man.When it comes to death, counselling the dying, or helping the bereaved, we Christians have become secularised.The dying planet has a metaphysical relationship to my own mortality and to that extent my inquiry into landscape is inherently ironic.The other prime mover was that the slump is now in its dying throes.Some of the patients, especially the dying, wanted to confide in the man and woman who had eased their suffering.dying wishWhat you might call his dying wish.Who was Jenny to deny a man his last dying wish?dying breedHe's among the a dying breed.Little old ladies who had relished home baking were a dying breed and the younger generation simply couldn't relate to them.There are still a few of this dying breed around.The truth is that Eddie represents a dying breed of the playboy racing driver.
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