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dynamody‧na‧mo /ˈdaɪnəməʊ $ -moʊ/ noun (plural dynamos) [countable]  1 TPEa machine that changes some other form of power directly into electricity bicycle lights powered by a dynamo2 ENERGETICsomeone who is excited about what they do and who puts a lot of energy into it the team’s midfield dynamo3 something that has a strong effect on something else, and that makes things happen Oil is the dynamo of the country’s economy.
Examples from the Corpus
dynamoThat physical phenomenon is the muscle behind a dynamo, or standard electric generator.Bicycle lights are usually powered by a dynamo.As the Countess of Dartmouth, she was a dynamo in London politics in the 1960s.Here was a brand-new kind of eartha rolling, boiling dynamo.And that gives dynamo theorists a way to solve one aspect of how the molten iron mixes.Jasso is the 5 foot 2 inch dynamo who is in charge of the teaching program.They have generators under the floors ... like dynamos on bicycles ... that make electricity from the wheels going round.Oil production is the dynamo that drives Iraq's economy.The seller offered to meet half the cost of repairing the dynamo.
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