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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheagerea‧ger /ˈiːɡə $ -ər/ ●●○ adjective  1 EXCITEDvery keen and excited about something that is going to happen or about something you want to doeager to do something I was eager to get back to work as soon as possible. He’s a bright kid and eager to learn. She’s a very hard worker and very eager to please. A crowd of eager young students were already waiting outside.eager for fans eager for a glimpse of the singer2 eager beavereagerly adverb They’re eagerly awaiting the big day.eagerness noun [uncountable] People were pushing each other out of the way in their eagerness to get to the front.
Examples from the Corpus
eagerPerhaps the captain of the frigate was a touch too eager.A crowd of eager fans were waiting outside the hotel.Simon was an ambitious man, eager for power and prestige.He was both eager to adopt the right stance and unnerved by the strangeness of it.Much of the routine work was done by girl students eager to earn a little extra towards their fees.I was eager to figure out how much money Peter, and I, had won.She hurried home from college, eager to hear Tom's news.But were they eager to learn?People are quick to slap that label on you, and then just as eager to predict your downfall.As in the Horton days, the dancers were eager to work with him.a group of eager volunteerseager to pleaseMika is a very hard worker and very eager to please.And everyone at Angelique is genuinely eager to please.Can not afford national advertising, so relies on verbal testimonials to expand business, so eager to please.Everyone who works there is friendly and eager to please.Like Julia, Nina is eager to please and dissipates her personality in those around her.The Yugoslavs are a friendly people who are eager to please and will always be happy to help you.Mike and Arlene were eager to please, decent, good, friendly people.Her name was Mrs Dempster, and she seemed pleasant and eager to please her new master.But, hey, the show is so earnest and eager to please that such things are almost easy to overlook.
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