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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheagle-eyedˌeagle-ˈeyed adjective [only before noun]  NOTICEvery good at seeing or noticing things One eagle-eyed passerby noticed that the window was slightly open.
Examples from the Corpus
eagle-eyedThe error was caught by an eagle-eyed bank employee.They needed no professional help with the evening's drinking but arose magically clear-headed and eagle-eyed for each subsequent day's golf.Again the overall approach is Spartan in its self-denying austerity and yet has a wholly characteristic eagle-eyed intensity.The hotel was run by an eagle-eyed old man who knew everything about all the guests.They may be eagle-eyed or watch like a lynx.Nobody but the kids and I knew about it, and I never got caught by the eagle-eyed press.Two eagle-eyed reporters noticed the politician leaving a prostitute's house.
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