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early on

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishearly onearly onBEGINNINGat an early stage in a relationship, process etc I realized early on I’d never pass the exam.early on in We encountered problems early on in the project. early
Examples from the Corpus
early inIt is likely that the roles of husband and wife were defined early on in marriage.My success as an attorney I chose early on in my career not to measure in fees.When we are defined early on in our lives as bad and worthless we may become addicted to guilt.I suppose I was a bit on the short side early on in secondary school.Because they had been confused and upset early on in the campaign they found it hard to relax and trust us.Time savings appear only if the best plays are looked at early on in the game.Dale had beaten Sharpe 4-1 early on in the tournament.If you own a computer it is worthwhile entering all your vocabulary on to a disk from early on in your programme.
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