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earning/purchasing/bargaining etc power

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishearning/purchasing/bargaining etc powerearning/purchasing/bargaining etc powerPECANthe ability to earn money, buy things etc Property in the city is beyond the purchasing power of most people. your bargaining power in pay negotiations power
Examples from the Corpus
earning/purchasing/bargaining etc powerThe drop in inflation boosted purchasing power, he said.At the same time the peso was devalued by 600 % and inflation soared over consumers' purchasing power declined.Dollars have less international purchasing power and more dollars have to be spent.The third category relates to private transactions, where an equality of bargaining power is usually to be presumed.Pensions represent a transfer of resources in the form of purchasing power from current taxpayers or pension-fund contributors to past contributors.The goods became obtainable, but not purchasable, because of the lack of purchasing power among the population.That reduces the real purchasing power of wages.In a competitive market the bargaining power of the owner of a particular commodity is limited.
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