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earplugear‧plug /ˈɪəplʌɡ $ ˈɪr-/ noun [countable usually plural]  Da small piece of rubber that you put inside your ear to keep out noise or water
Examples from the Corpus
earplugI brought earplugs, which worked against the throbbing music.Pakicetus, as it was called, lacks the fatty earplugs of its descendants.Trackside officials begin jamming in earplugs.A pair of earplugs, recovered by authorities after McVeigh was arrested about 80 minutes after the bombing.Victims of snorers can wear foam-rubber earplugs.I adjust the earplugs, with no result.I took out the earplugs which I had taken to wearing permanently.Police officers and big guys in suits wearing earplugs, looking tense, had cordoned off a temporary pathway.
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