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earringear‧ring /ˈɪərɪŋ $ ˈɪr-/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  earrings.jpg DCJa piece of jewellery that you wear on your eargold/diamond/pearl etc earrings She was wearing a pair of beautiful diamond earrings.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgold/silver etc earringsHe bought her some expensive diamond earrings.dangling/dangly earrings (=long earrings that hang down from your ear)I put on some gold dangly earrings.hoop/hooped earrings (=in the shape of a large circle)a pair of large silver hoop earringsverbswear earringsShe was wearing gold earrings and a diamond necklace.put on earringsI forgot to put on my new earrings.phrasesa pair of earringsI saw a lovely pair of earrings in the jeweller's on the High Street.
Examples from the Corpus
earringJ., uses the ancient technique of lost-wax sculpting to create her belts, earrings and other metal accessories.She had abandoned the huge earrings for dainty gold studs and wore a fine gold chain round her neck.She had large earrings in her pierced ears.The collection of earrings, brooches and necklaces have attracted widespread interest from buyers at the International Spring Fair.What use are pearl earrings to you?And she was wearing a beautiful pair of sapphire earrings Zack had bought her in London.This had annoyed Jonquil and set her steel earring swinging with temper.gold/diamond/pearl etc earringsAt home she has little gold and pearl earrings also, but they can not make a public appearance yet.What use are pearl earrings to you?He remembered buying her a black picture hat and a pair of dangling gold earrings to make her look more sophisticated.She wore large gold earrings and a heavy strand of pearls, and on her right hand was a huge diamond ring.A velvet choker was tied around her neck; massive gold earrings hung from her lobes.It was a pair of pearl earrings.Inside were a small pair of gold earrings, each with a pearl in the centre.Rose was wearing a tulip-red trouser suit, diamond earrings and a large aquamarine ring.
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