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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishearshotear‧shot /ˈɪəʃɒt $ ˈɪrʃɑːt/ noun  1 within earshot2 out of earshot
Examples from the Corpus
earshotThe guard carefully out of earshot at the far end of the battlements smiled to see Lachlan and his lady so close.De Gaulle meant, as you would realise, that he wanted to take her out of earshot and have a whisper.She must be within earshot, but she was keeping quiet.Key field support teams were said to be overtly impugning the reputations of colleagues within earshot of customers.They did not draw too close, but hovered within earshot of all that was said.To any neighbors within earshot, I apologize.Fast fighter jets -- many traveling within earshot of the sound barrier -- will headline the shows.
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