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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishearthlyearth‧ly /ˈɜːθli $ ˈɜːrθli/ adjective  1 no earthly reason/use etc2 [only before noun] literaryWORLD connected with life on Earth rather than in heaven our earthly pleasures an earthly paradise
Examples from the Corpus
earthlyThey become bogeymen, earthly Aliens, and -- despite the fake human faces they develop -- very easy to spot.What earthly cause could there be for him to think they are both working on the same side now?Buddha taught that earthly existence is full of suffering.Believers wanted to be detached in many ways from earthly life and attached to heavenly life through a process called salvation.They were seen as the earthly links to the gods of the underworld.In its upright form it represents the vertical thrust of life across sedimentary layers of earthly matter.Remind us again Lord, that we can pray, and that your sovereignty is greater than any earthly power.Surely there's no earthly reason why you should not come with me to mass?Eventually we find him established as a hermit at Finchale, having abandoned the pursuit of earthly treasure.
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