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earwigear‧wig /ˈɪəˌwɪɡ $ ˈɪr-/ noun [countable]  HBIa long brown insect with two curved pointed parts at the back end of its body
Examples from the Corpus
earwigWhen I was nine I tried, unsuccessfully, to stop some boys drowning an earwig.Probably scream if an earwig crawled into the sleeping-bag - and that was the other thing.There were no earwigs in the Scarinish Hotel bedroom, just two flies and a moth.The next day when the pinecones were collected up they were full of earwigs.Gardener's Tips Earwig Traps Quite by accident we have found a good way to trapping earwigs.One sufferer nearly died after gulping two earwigs. 16.
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