Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: aise 'comfort'


1 noun
ease1 [uncountable]

with ease

if you do something with ease, it is very easy for you to do it [= easily]:
They won with ease.
The security codes could be broken with relative ease.
I was impressed by the ease with which the information could be retrieved.

at ease

feeling relaxed, especially in a situation in which people might feel a little nervous
at ease with
She felt completely at ease with Bernard.
put/set somebody at (their) ease (=make someone feel relaxed)
She had an ability to put people at their ease.

ill at ease

not relaxed:
You always look ill at ease in a suit.

ease of application/use etc

written how easy something is to use etc, or the quality of being easy to use etc:
It emphasizes the software's convenience and ease of use.
for ease of something
The bowl is removable for ease of cleaning.
5 the ability to feel relaxed or behave in a natural relaxed way:
He had a natural ease which made him very popular.

a life of ease

a comfortable life, without problems or worries

(stand) at ease

PM used to tell soldiers to stand in a relaxed way with their feet apart

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