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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheasilyeas‧i‧ly /ˈiːzəli/ ●●● S2 W1 adverb  1 EASYwithout problems or difficulties They won quite easily. We found the house easily enough.easily accessible/available etc The castle is easily accessible by road.easily understood/identified etc It’s easily recognised by its bright blue tail feathers.2 could/can/might easily3 easily the best/biggest etc4 RELAXEDin a relaxed way His son grinned easily back at him.
Examples from the Corpus
easilyBefore she had taken him over he must have written too easily.When I went to college, I made friends very easily.But the balance is easily adjustable with any Dolby Pro Logic receiver.The bike can easily be assembled in thirty minutes.You could easily categorise your addresses into five sections.A burglar could easily climb in through that window.These plates are easily damaged, so please be careful with them.It is a claim not to be easily dismissed.Some of the hilltops were easily eight hundred feet above the valleys.It can just as easily fall back into anti-feminism.I'll easily finish the report by Friday.Lizzie and Jane are so alike that they're easily mistaken for each other.He is easily the highest paid player in baseball.As with many gifted people, a moment came when Fanshawe was no longer satisfied with doing what came easily to him.She smiled easily when I asked about her hometown.easily enoughBuck remembers the date easily enough.They ought to find the house easily enough.I couldn't carry her, but she dragged easily enough, and at first the shingle was hard enough to walk on.The rest followed easily enough, and today she has ten houses in the former Soviet Union.We found the village easily enough, though anyone travelling in the area in a Porsche had better not blink.Dreadnought's anchor had come up easily enough when the salvage tug came to dispose of her.