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easterneast‧ern, Eastern /ˈiːstən $ -ərn/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective (written abbreviation E)  1 SGin or from the east of a country or area the eastern shore of the island farmers in eastern England2 SANin or from the countries in Asia, especially China and Japan Eastern religions3 SANin or from the countries in the east part of Europe, especially the countries that used to have Communist governments Eastern Europe
Examples from the Corpus
easternAs far as temperatures are concerned the brighter eastern areas will do better.Roughly one-third of the sites in eastern Berlin are state-owned; establishing who owns the rest could take years.On the other hand, people in Britain grew increasingly impressed by the success of the Soviet troops on the eastern front.At this stage of the itinerary I propose to suspend the journey south and visit the eastern glens.Jobs had immediately disappeared, as inefficient eastern industries and bureaucracies were shut down.There was heavy snow in eastern Minnesota yesterday.Eastern philosophiesThe company that gets Conrail would dominate eastern railroading.
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