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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheasy-goingˌeasy-ˈgoing adjective  RELAXEDnot easily upset, annoyed, or worried opp uptight Her easy-going nature made her popular.
Examples from the Corpus
easy-goingOur parents are pretty easy-going, and they don't mind if we stay out late.But youngsters raised with nudism have a more easy-going attitude than those brought up the standard way, Michelle believes.That is because sensitive children, like all challenging children, have a wider range of behavior than more easy-going children.William did his best to maintain an easy-going, friendly relationship with everyone at camp.You were always so relaxed and easy-going. It was one of the things I liked about you.In the first years he had easy-going jailers.Are you kind, considerate, easy-going, or out-going?Always an easy-going person, Guy had no difficulty in making friends in any situation.Usually an easy-going sort, Ashley angrily threw his helmet after both at-bats.In that we see Herbert's more easy-going temperament.
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