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easy money

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheasy moneyeasy moneyEARNmoney that you do not have to work hard to get We can buy them for $10 and sell them for $25 – easy money. easy
Examples from the Corpus
easy moneyDisadvantages: Some part-timers regard Koi dealing as a way of making easy money.Instead, he is expected to surrender one-third of the Championship and opt for some easy money.People will tell you you can make easy money.Sincere spirit and moral authority count, not quick and easy money.The reason too much easy money and not enough dedication and genuine love for one's chosen work.The thought of easy money draws many people to drug dealing.Owing to legal changes, young barristers can no longer earn easy money on undefended divorces, which are now done by solicitors.In discussing the easy money prescription we have chosen a fairly extreme version of it, in part to get students excited.The easy money regime focused attention on monetary policy and contributed to the significance accorded to the money supply in later years.
From Longman Business Dictionaryeasy moneyˌeasy ˈmoney money that you earn very easily, without having to work hardPeople were tempted into the trade by the thought of easy money. moneyeasy moneyˌeasy ˈmoneyFINANCEBANKING when there is easy money, banks and other organizations are willing to lend money, and interest rates are lowInterest rates tumbled, and easy money financed both growth and inflation. money
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