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easy on the eye/ear

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheasy on the eye/eareasy on the eye/earBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGpleasant to look at or listen to Soft colours are easy on the eye. easy
Examples from the Corpus
easy on the eye/earI like jazz because it's usually easy on the ear.Above all, it should be as physically comfortable and relaxing as it is easy on the eye.Garda Garda is a charming old village that is very easy on the eye.It was vital that they should be prompt and professional as well as easy on the eye.This exhibit, Without Sanctuary, is not easy on the eyes.It's all been a bit too easy on the ear and eye.The layout and print is easy on the eye and the revision passages for dictation becomes increasingly difficult as the book progresses.Ken Russell's production is certainly easy on the eye, but fans are expecting a bit more than a well-turned ankle.And frankly, she's pretty easy on the eyes, too.
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