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easy option

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheasy optioneasy option (also soft option British English)EASY the choice which will be the least difficult, least strict, or need the least effort, which someone might choose because they are lazy Is community service just a soft option for criminals? option
Examples from the Corpus
easy optionSome people think that studying languages instead of sciences is a soft option.But their other argument is possibly more persuasive: it's that farm saving is not an easy option.Trotting is very pleasant, but it's not an easy option.It is, though, an easy option for simple Web pages.Well, he certainly achieved it but remember, winning championships is the easy option.Promising extra money, though welcome in itself, is the easy option.In a situation of this sort ignorance is often the easy option.His refusal to take the easy option is admirable.Instead of working to keep their marriages, more and more people are taking the easy option and getting divorced.They have no dislike of getting their feet wet, while preferring to stay dry where the easy option exists.
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