2 adverb
easy2 S2

take it easy

a) also take things easy to relax and not do very much:
Take things easy for a few days and you should be all right.
b) spoken used to tell someone to become less upset or angry:
Just take it easy and tell us what happened.
c) American English spoken used to say goodbye

go easy on/with something

to not use too much of something:
Go easy on salty foods such as bacon.

go easy on somebody

to be more gentle and less strict or angry with someone:
Go easy on Peter for a while - he's having a hard time at school.

easier said than done

especially spoken used to say that something would be very difficult to do:
Finding the perfect house was easier said than done.

rest/breathe easy

to stop worrying:
We can rest easy now - we've got everything under control.

easy does it

spoken used to tell someone to be more careful and slow, especially in moving

get off easy

informal to escape severe punishment for something that you have done wrong:
The rich could hire good lawyers and get off easy.

easy come, easy go

spoken used when something, especially money, was easily obtained and is quickly used or spent

stand easy

PM an order telling soldiers who are already standing at ease to relax more

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