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eat your words

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheat your wordseat your wordsADMITto admit that what you said was wrong I’m going to make you eat your words. eat
Examples from the Corpus
eat your wordsI never thought Clare would be any good at this job, but I've had to eat my words.Some day they will eat their words.They think we can't compete with them - I'll make them eat their words.When Tottenham went to the top of the league early in the season, people said it wouldn't last. They have had to eat their words.Anthony Troon, eat your words!It is now time, however, that I eat my words.Lugh was going to fool Medoc very neatly, and they would all eat their words.But Sun will have to eat its words and may have to declare a product like its News windowing system dead.I reply, eating my words as I speak them.We check out a sound card that will make them eat their words - the Laserwave Plus.So let the Review Board eat its words, when I win the annual all-industry award for originality.
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