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ECGECG /ˌiː siː ˈdʒiː/ noun [countable] especially British English  1 MH (electrocardiograph) a piece of equipment that records electrical changes in your heart2 MH (electrocardiogram) a drawing produced by an electrocardiograph
Examples from the Corpus
ECGShe's had an ECG and blood tests.No irreversible ECG changes were seen, although pressure symptoms occurred in 4.4%.This equipment is not cheap: my ECG machine cost %5,000; but it does store and transmit.Although 4.6% had pressure symptoms, 99% had no ECG changes.These studies show that the frequency of ECG changes is very low.The medical examination, the ECG and the paperwork take on average 35 minutes.The ECG change was associated with angina in only 1 case.There may then be cause for general practitioners to use thrombolysis if they are confident of their ECG diagnosis and management.
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