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economies of scale

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheconomies of scaleeconomies of scaletechnicalTIBBT the financial advantages of producing something in very large quantities economy
Examples from the Corpus
economies of scaleAnalogously, large loans attract a lower interest rate than small loans because of the administrative economies of scale.World trade, then, allows what economists call economies of scale.Each has been trying to outbid the rest in an attempt to gain market share and so exploit economies of scale.However, just to confuse matters, economies of scale plus economies of scope do not imply subadditivity.There are a number of qualifications to this prediction, apart from the possibility of economies of scale discussed above.Yet it is clear that transport costs can have important consequences in the presence of economies of scale.The benefits of reaping economies of scale depend upon how far costs fall as output levels are increased.This is not to say that mass markets have disintegrated or that economies of scale are irrelevant to competitive performance.
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