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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishecstaticec‧stat‧ic /ɪkˈstætɪk, ek-/ ●○○ adjective  1 HAPPYfeeling extremely happy and excited an ecstatic welcome from the thousands who lined the streetssee thesaurus at happy2 ecstatic review/praise/applauseecstatically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
ecstaticCoggan said his clients were ecstatic about the judge's ruling.Roh was ecstatic about the results of the meeting.More then 40,000 ecstatic fans filled stadia each night to scream at the girly they instantly dubbed the Mighty Minogue.The passage takes off thereafter in ecstatic inventory.Her reading of the passions of men and women in the past so often revealed that ecstatic love ended in tragedy.Being ecstatic means being flung out of your usual self.Jacqueline was ecstatic to see her old friends again.The kids were ecstatic when we brought home the new video game system.
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