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eczemaec‧ze‧ma /ˈeksəmə $ ˈeksəmə, ˈeɡz-, ɪɡˈziːmə/ noun [uncountable]  MIa condition in which your skin becomes dry, red, and swollen
Examples from the Corpus
eczemaAlso patron of amputees, basketweavers, gravediggers, and hermits; he is invoked against eczema.Cases of asthma and eczema are also rising by about 5 percent every year.The seventh son of a seventh son has traditionally been able to heal conditions such as eczema and asthma.Wright and Burton performed a crossover study of evening primrose oil and placebo in 99 adults and children with atopic eczema.What do eczema wet wraps involve?Although the mechanism is not understood, mental stress also seems to make eczema and urticaria worse.In the case of eczema, it may be better to start with a simplified form of the elimination diet.She had a history of recurrent eczema but no exposure to toxic products.
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