Language: Old English
Origin: ecg


1 noun
edge1 S2 W2

outside part

[countable] the part of an object that is furthest from its centre:
Put the lamb in the centre of the dish, with the vegetables and herbs around the edge.
the edge of something
the right hand edge of the page
Jennifer walked to the edge of the wood.
Billy sat on the edge of the bed.
He stood at the water's edge staring across the lake.
A leaf was on the ground, curling up at the edges.


TZ [countable] the thin sharp part of a blade or tool that cuts:
a knife with a sharp edge


[singular, uncountable] something that gives you an advantage over others:
Companies are employing more research teams to get an edge.
The next version of the software will have the edge over its competitors.

on edge

nervous, especially because you are expecting something unpleasant to happen:
Paul felt on edge about meeting Lisa.


[singular] a quality in someone's voice that makes it sound slightly angry or impatient:
There was an edge of hostility in Jack's voice.
Desperation lent an edge to her voice.


[countable] an area beside a very steep slope:
She walked almost to the edge of the cliff.

on the edge of something

close to the point at which something different, especially something bad, will happen:
Their economy is on the edge of collapse.
She is on the edge of despair.


[singular] a special quality of excitement or danger:
The school's campaign has been given an extra edge by being filmed for television.

take the edge off something

to make something less bad, good, strong etc:
Pascoe was drinking whisky to take the edge off the pain.

on the edge of your seat

giving all your attention to something exciting:
The film's ending had me on the edge of my seat.

be on the edge

informal to be behaving in a way that makes it seem as if you are going crazy

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