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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishedgyedg‧y /ˈedʒi/ adjective  1 NERVOUSnervous and worried She’s been edgy lately, waiting for the test results.see thesaurus at nervous2 aware of the newest ideas and styles and therefore considered very fashionable The band has developed an edgy new image.
Examples from the Corpus
edgyI've not been sleeping well since the house was ransacked, and it's made me very edgy.The spotted mare started to eat her hay, but Gary's mare went on walking round, very edgy.And if it was pre-theatre the diners would be all edgy and watching their watches.Residents are still edgy over a series of student killings last summer.But just as the other woman was bony and edgy, this one was well padded.As I looked around me I noticed that some of the regular worshippers appeared edgy too.Obsessional, edgy, uncomfortable to be with.His edgy vocal deliveries and frowns are more than offset by the way his face never stops telling us he cares.
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