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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheditorshiped‧i‧tor‧ship /ˈedətəʃɪp $ -tər-/ noun [uncountable]  TCNBOthe position of being the editor of a newspaper or magazine, or the time during which someone is an editor
Examples from the Corpus
editorshipI got the impression he regarded his editorship as the high point of his life.The fact that they had contentious articles written with a fearless pungency seems to have been due to his joint editorship of both.We bet the Weatherfield Advertiser was a rattling good read under Ken's editorship.In 1946 he accepted the editorship of the Times of Ceylon, and we spent the next two years in Colombo.Matters came to a head under the editorship of Ian Pye.Roth's crowning achievement was the editorship of the Encyclopaedia Judaica, which he held from 1965.
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