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educated guess

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheducated guesseducated guessGUESSa guess that is likely to be correct because it is based on some knowledge Investors must make an educated guess as to the company’s potential. educated
Examples from the Corpus
educated guessOther of the source studies, however, used patient values, clinician values, or educated guesses.Still, money managers, analysts, and economists are taking their best educated guesses.That sometimes means making educated guesses.Where and what kinds they will be is an open question that is, at best, an educated guess.The law requires the chief of police to make educated guesses about the likelihood that disorder, damage or disruption will occur.Are at least able to make an educated guess as to who is collapsing the scrummage. 7.But, beyond hunches and educated guesses, what about other human characteristics such as beliefs, prejudices and emotions?
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