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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheducativeed‧u‧cat‧ive /ˈedjʊkətɪv $ ˈedʒəkeɪ-/ adjective  something that is educative teaches you something syn educational The educative process needs to begin early in a child’s life.
Examples from the Corpus
educativeFor the five years after the murder of the woman at the Theatre Royal his interventions in my life remained purely educative.Running out of money is most educative.Talking over schemes like this was both entertaining and educative.Furthermore, it is perceived to have an educative and symbolic function as well as a practical one.Bobbio has doubts, therefore, as to the educative benefits of participatory democracy.The educative power of our academic institutions has never been lower: it is journalism that gives the lead.It had an educative purpose, and it brought in some cash to hard-pressed regions.In seeking to counteract these forces Dewey especially emphasized the potential importance of the educative role of social institutions.
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