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educatored‧u‧ca‧tor /ˈedjʊkeɪtə $ ˈedʒəkeɪtər/ noun [countable]  1 formalSEBO a teacher or someone involved in the process of educating peoplesee thesaurus at teacher2 American English an educationalist
Examples from the Corpus
educatorAdult educators in all sectors have attempted to make access to existing facilities easier; and/or special programmes have been developed.There are various symptoms that should alert educators that some form of abuse or neglect is taking place.The approach of classroom testing against the hearing norms has a long tradition among educators and researchers.Although an educator and a parent, I can not claim to be an expert.Why do development communicators and educators need to think about women?Instructional changes were limited and uneven, and educators largely viewed the program as an add-on.And more than this, the law should adopt the role of community educator.They were 79 strong, future doctors, lawyers, educators, politicians, captains of industry.Most educators agree that intimidating children is not the best way to encourage them to learn.Professor Taylor is generally recognized as one of the state's most respected educators.
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