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EdwardianEd‧ward‧i‧an /edˈwɔːdiən $ -ˈwɔːr-/ adjective  SHrelating to the time of King Edward VII of Britain (1901–1910) an Edwardian house
Examples from the Corpus
EdwardianYet Ashton found ways of so moulding classical dance that the ladies even danced sur les pointes in so Edwardian a setting.The grand Victorian and Edwardian architecture of this period still gives the civic centre of Birmingham its character.First let us consider how we define the Edwardian Era.Edwardian furnitureHis equivalent of Edwardian leisured escapism is today's green movement.The Edwardian stairs were next to land on the bonfire.One other and not unrelated feature of these Edwardian synods deserves note.The tick of the Edwardian wall-clock bounced from wall to wall.
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