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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheerieee‧rie /ˈɪəri $ ˈɪri/ adjective  STRANGEstrange and frightening the eerie sound of an owl hooting at nightsee thesaurus at frighteningeerily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
eerieFlying this kite among the otherwise conventional swept wings on a breezy day was initially eerie.There was everywhere an eerie atmosphere of impending battle.The approach was eerie because I did it without lights.The pumps were shut off now. It was eerie, being in the factory without their sound.Overhead, a bulb casts an eerie bluish light.I had the eerie feeling that somebody was watching me.An eerie howl filled the cave.I looked at the bleak, eerie landscape nearing us, so utterly different from the comfortable London world of human construction.The voice had an eerie metallic ring to it.The most impressive thing about the storm was its eerie quiet.The corridors took on an eerie silence.The wind made an eerie sound outside.
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