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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishefficiencyef‧fi‧cien‧cy /ɪˈfɪʃənsi/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 EFFICIENT[uncountable] the quality of doing something well and effectively, without wasting time, money, or energy opp inefficiencyefficiency of the efficiency of the train service considerable advancements in energy efficiency2 efficienciesCOLLOCATIONSverbsimprove/increase efficiencyThe company is taking steps to improve efficiency and reduce costs.Recent efforts by American business to increase efficiency seem to have failed.promote efficiency (=develop or encourage efficient ways of doing something)A competitive market helps to promote efficiency.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + efficiencygreater/increased efficiencyIn a search for greater efficiency, the two departments have merged.maximum efficiency (=the most that is possible)The boat's design helps it to move with maximum efficiency.fuel efficiency (=using fuel in an efficient way)Better fuel efficiency can be achieved by driving more slowly.energy efficiency (=using energy in an efficient way)Energy efficiency can play a huge role in reducing pollution.high efficiency (=used about machines)The diesel engine offers high efficiency and low fuel consumption.operating/operational efficiency (=the efficiency with which a machine or system works)The computer can process this information quickly, without any loss of operating efficiency.efficiency + NOUNefficiency gains (=increases in efficiency)New technology introduced by the company has brought efficiency gains.efficiency savings (=money saved by being more efficient)Efficiency savings in the industry will inevitably lead to job losses.efficiency measures (=changes introduced to make something more efficient)The new efficiency measures are designed to improve the health service.standards of efficiencyTheir work led to higher standards of efficiency across the industry.
Examples from the Corpus
efficiencyA case can be made for both its constitutional propriety and its administrative efficiency.I was impressed by her speed and efficiency.But much greater economic efficiency is not the only gain.The results suggested a plateau of energy efficiency had been reached.Doctors are under urgent types of demands on their time so they go for efficiency.The benefits of cost savings, greater efficiency and synergy are being realised.A new furnace could give you increased efficiency and more heat output.The management seems to expect staff to be constantly achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity.Be that as it may, the efficiency of the Customs service was much less regarded.Our time efficiency is eighteen days divided by twenty-three days, or 78. 3 percent.energy efficiencyIt is believed to advocate measures such as fuel substitution and energy efficiency.These included waste reduction, paper and cardboard recycling and improving energy efficiency.The results suggested a plateau of energy efficiency had been reached.Conservation or energy efficiency is still the fifth fuel.Their energy standard will be assessed by an energy audit carried out by the local authority's energy efficiency unit.And PG&E will give away energy-saving light bulbs next month at a city-sponsored energy efficiency fair.Energy planners have also developed ways of including the energy efficiency of each fuel source in cost-benefit models.
From Longman Business Dictionaryefficiencyef‧fi‧cien‧cy /ɪˈfɪʃənsi/ noun [uncountable]MANUFACTURING1how well an industrial process, factory, or business works so that it produces as much as possible from the time, money, and resources that are put into itA successful business constantly strives for greater efficiency.The increase in profitability is the result of improved efficiency.2how well and quickly a person or machine worksHe was impressed by the speed and efficiency of the Japanese trains.I had to admire his efficiency.3cost efficiency/fuel efficiency etc when something costs as little as possible, uses as little fuel as possible etcAuto makers will increase the fuel efficiency of their cars by 20% over the next five years. economic efficiency industrial efficiency technical efficiency