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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheffusionef‧fu‧sion /ɪˈfjuːʒən/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 technical a liquid or gas that flows out of something, or the act of flowing out a massive effusion of poisonous gas2 formalEMOTIONAL an uncontrolled expression of strong good feelings He greeted the guests with effusion.
Examples from the Corpus
effusionThe joints should be carefully examined for effusion, limitation of motion, or deformities.He turned smartly on his heel and trotted into the foyer, greeting the stewards with indiscriminate effusion.On admission here, he had a low grade pyrexia, bilateral pleural effusions, and moderate smooth hepatomegaly.Pleural effusions are found in up to half these patients, although most are small and without clinical significance.Eleanor's stories had made him jealous; his wife's effusions angered him.This waiting time will in most cases select out those children whose effusions are short lived.His letters were filled with effusions of love.It was the kind of news that made writers let loose with effusions.
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