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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheffusiveef‧fu‧sive /ɪˈfjuːsɪv/ adjective  EMOTIONALshowing your good feelings in a very excited way Our host gave us an effusive welcome.effusive in Dotty was effusive in her thanks.effusively adverbeffusiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
effusiveShe did forget the name of the other most memorable character, bearded and effusive.However, in most of these, effusive approval is showered upon her, and her weak points are minimized.A boon to Western Union, he conducted business by wire, in effusive capitals.Certainly Dotty was less effusive in her thanks when Stella brought her up a tray of tea in the interval.Seb was somewhat less effusive in his acclaim, yet he was far more relieved than anyone else at Nahum's success.The parson was as effusive in his attentions as circumstance would allow, but Emilia petulantly resisted them.Simpson began his speech with effusive praise for his wife.It is a speech of effusive praise, which if it were true, would make her an exceptionally loving child.Lestrade appeared a little baffled at her effusive thanks, but Holmes swept us up the stairs before explanations could be made.
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