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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishegalitariane‧gal‧i‧tar‧i‧an /ɪˌɡæləˈteəriən $ -ˈter-/ adjective  EQUALbased on the belief that everyone is equal and should have equal rights an egalitarian societyegalitarianism noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
egalitarianIt is a network for the elite, yet it is very egalitarian.The differences between it, and traditional and egalitarian feminist approaches, are not as big as they look.Humanist psychology's familiarity to egalitarian feminist psychologists makes the division between humanist egalitarian, and woman-centred, theories difficult to draw.The principal feminist challenge to psychology's predominantly male subjects and masculine subject matter is, again, an egalitarian one.These innumerable scraps of land were the beginning of egalitarian ownership on a Lilliputian scale.Clearly the egalitarian society remains a dream.What the thirsty seekers who crowded into the mission on Azusa Street found was not just a new and radically egalitarian spirituality.
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