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eggshellegg‧shell /ˈeɡʃel/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]HBB the hard outside part of a bird’s egg2 [uncountable]DH a type of paint, used especially on wood, that is not shiny when dry
Examples from the Corpus
eggshellHe can not worry about eggshells or about a knee as fragile as one.The glass shattered like an eggshell, and blew away.The domed structure was wrecked, smashed open at one side like an eggshell.In the ashes were bits of broken eggshell.The little piece of moon, like a chip of eggshell, shone in the sky over us.The stairs were brushed, but pocked with scraps of eggshell and solidified tissues.The soap residue could affect how well the eggshells absorb the color.Any movement, however slight, could crack the Chevy wide open like an uncooked eggshell.
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