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either ... or

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheither ... oreither ... ora) used to begin a list of two or more possibilities You add either one or two cloves of garlic. She’s the kind of person you either love or hate. b) used to say that if one thing does not happen then something else will have to It’s your choice! Either she leaves or I will! £75 seems a lot to pay for a starter motor, but it’s either that or a new car! c) an either-or situation a situation in which you cannot avoid having to make a decision or choice either
Examples from the Corpus
either ... orThe cases seem either petty or arcane, the investigations tedious or motivated by politics.Madame, you see, never assumed either ignorance or experience.A little more cloak and a soup on more dagger. Either that, or he should never try this again.Rhubarb with either mint or lemon balm makes a tart, savoury jelly to serve with lamb.Theodora suspected that this was not an exercise that either the Bishop or the Archdeacon had had to perform before.Few can afford either the calories or the cost of frequent trips to these gourmet candy stores.For better rates you must operate your account either by post or via the Internet.
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