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either way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheither wayeither waya) used to say that something will be the same whichever of two things happens or is true You can get to Edinburgh by train or plane, but either way it’s very expensive. b) more or less than a certain amount or measurement A few marks either way can make the difference between a pass and a fail. c) used to say that someone or something does not firmly support or want either one of two things ‘All right, let’s do that, ’ said Camille, who didn’t care either way. either
Examples from the Corpus
either wayHis jeering remarks had hidden barbs, and just went to prove how little he cared either way.It is possible to make the argument either way.The worker should be comfortable either way.They were: offences triable only on indictment; offences triable only summarily; and offences triable either way.We could simply alternate between the two algorithms and catch the suspect either way.It seems you can't actually lose either way, doesn't it?A decision either way on Roe can therefore be perceived as favoring one group or the other...But this is virtually impossible to establish either way so long as the argument has to depend on reported behaviour.
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