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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelatede‧lat‧ed /ɪˈleɪtɪd/ adjective  HAPPYextremely happy and excited, especially because of something that has happened or is going to happen opp depressed He felt elated and mildly drunk.elated at/by She was elated at the prospect of a holiday.
Examples from the Corpus
elatedWhen I told her the news I thought she'd be elated.For my part, I feel elated and close to tears.She was at once elated and frightened.He felt both elated and frightened.The three of us worked together excellently, elated and playful.For a moment she was elated, but that didn't last.Jeremy felt elated by this sudden and unexpected success.One day, in an elated mood, we thought we would give Eliot a surprise.Matthew was elated, so pleased he couldn't speak.Nor was the thought that he alone might hold the key to the mystery the sole component in his strangely elated state.We were elated to find out Sue was pregnant again.Elated with the election victory, the crowd waved banners and chanted.felt elatedA chastened man, an older man, he remembered: All summer, to begin with, he felt elated.Pastor Braun appeared on the walk from the main building and for a moment we felt elated.Having made the decision he now felt elated again.I felt elated at beating Dennis, he was rated a medal hope.She felt elated, different, so different, free.Mungo felt elated, smiling back.He felt elated, warm-hearted at the sight of the place where he'd been born.And had she not felt elated when he praised her in that soft, beguiling voice?
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